Established in 1920, the League is one of the nation’s most respected grassroots organizations. We explore issues from many points of view and take action on issues affecting our families and communities.

OUR PROGRAMS   The LWV-B conducts a number of activities for the Bartlesville Area.

  • Candidate Sheets: During election years, the LWV-B publishes candidate and ballot information sheets in the local newspaper.

  • Candidate Forums: The LWV-B hosts forums so the public can hear candidates’ opinions on issues important to them. 

  • Vote411.org: LWV chapters at all levels maintain the most comprehensive online voting guide for local, state and national elections.  LWV-B provides local information for the Vote411.org website.

  • Voter Registration: We also conduct voter registration drives at locations convenient for the public.

  • Hot Topics: The LWV-B sponsors public meetings on issues important to the community.